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When you visit us here at Heidar Baba restaurant, our goal is that you experience some of the feelings Shahriyar was able to produce in his poetry. We hope that all of your senses what you see, what you smell, and of course what you taste-transport you to the foot of our famous mountain, where you can enjoy the simple pleasures of good food and good conversation, and where your hearts can be gladdened.

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Some of Our Entrèes

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  • I come from a middle eastern family, mostly from Iran. I have been eating the home made classics and going to Mediterranean restaurants my whole life. The food here is absolutely delicious!! The ambiance, hospitality and location with parking are great as well. But YOU HAVE TO COME TRY THEIR FOOD!

    T. G.
  • I have gotten food from here multiple times! There food is always good tasting! I liked how the chicken was juicy and soft! There usually busy so call ahead for pick up! Highly recommend this place!

    Leila F.
  • I tried the Soltani Kabab and it was excellent. The meat was high quality and it was grilled to perfection. The rice was fluffy and even the tomatoes tasted like the tomatoes of Iran. I also tried the tahdig (crispy rice) with ghormesabzi and I could tell the high quality of the cooking oil. In my opinion, the food of Heidar Baba ranks very high in the Persian restaurants of Southern California.

    David P.
  • I absolutely love this place. The food is always amazing and the service is always great. I've never had a bad experience here and it will continue to be my go-to place when it comes to Mediterranean/Persian cuisine. My favorite is their dark chicken and the rice is out of this world. Literally my favorite rice ever. I can literally eat it plain. In any case, check it out if you haven't. You won't be disappointed.

    Richard B.
  • This place is amazing! Their chicken koobedeh is delicous, their hummus is amazing. I come here regularly, and the food in plenty! You can even take home from their main entrées. They also have lunch specials, where you can pick fries or salad before the meal. The staff is really friendly and the place has a nice vibe. Definitely recommended.

    Enrique D.
  • We've been coming here for years and love it. Food is fresh, tasty and halal! I love their spicy beef koobideh! Adding the green chilled in the kabob really makes the flavors pop in your mouth. Chicken dark meat is grilled perfectly and so juicey!! The beef steak is good, can get a bit chewy but the grilled onions really make it balance well. The rice is tasty, on occasion it can get a bit dry. Overall great food!

    Sam G.
  • I absolutely love this place. I come here with the same friend the few times that I have been. Every time I come, the staff is warm and inviting and the food is just delicious. The chef even comes out to say hello to my friend, but we leave with our belly's full and a load of food to go home with. It can be a bit expensive, but the portions are amazing!! mmm delish

    Aretha S.
  • This is the best Persian restaurant in terms of tender and tasty meat. Whenever I feel like having comfort food, I come here. Their chicken kabob is so tender and has layers of flavor.  I love their rice and grilled vegetables. Whenever I have guests coming to town, this is the place I take them to enjoy the wonderful food. They are always impressed.
    Johna L.
  • Five stars for the tender, juicy, perfectly marinated & cooked dark meat kabobs, best I've ever had.  Anywhere.  Order them.  You will be the happiest camper ever.  Everything else served with their dinners is high quality & enhance everything. We are big fans & will return anytime we are in the area.
    Chris H.
  • Absolutely positively AMAZING. You HAVE to try this place when you get the chance! The food is always fresh, mouth watering and CONSISTENT!!!! You will NEVER taste a more juicier or tender lamb shank anywhere!! Honestly all their meats are cooked to perfection! Have been coming here for years with the family and it is a highly recommend place!! Service is also friendly and that's always important for me.

    Amina Y.